Sandino [Animal Grace]


"Sandino [Animal Grace] Captain Junky Lvein's Tropic Zone Diary" [2008] - actually the film (written, animated, mixed and directed by Levan Tsulukidze) is based on a allegorical story about four contemporary artist friends: elephant - Sandino, two skeletons - Spooky (a guitarist musician) & Nuradin (Poet) and Voodoo - Dark Magus, living in mystic "Tropic Zone", which was visited by a famous pirate captain Junky Lvein with it's ship called "White Light", who typewrite whole story after the events from Panama where he settled after the war. Marvelous adventure of friends breaking after the invasion of evil enemy - Anti Bear. Happy life is ending, but for a while... friends bravely fighting against the mean enemy, and they wining the battle! but Sandino dies, whole generation of elephant's coming with goal to continue the life in Tropic Zone. Movie appeared on several major Georgian TV channels, presentations and also was screened at Batumi International Art House Film Festival [2008].


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